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import and export logistics

From the UK's premier shipping and logistics company...

Import Logistics

Beckchoice is a name that is synonymous with efficiency, expertise and experience in Import Logistics. We have over the past 39 years developed and refined the service we offer to our customers in an ongoing quest to provide that little bit more than our competitors.

Beckchoice can look after your importations from the moment that they are ready for despatch by your supplier through to the day they are delivered to your premises.

We can arrange the collection/ shipping/ customs clearance and delivery of your cargo and can provide many ancillary services such as packing/ palletisation/ marine insurance/ sorting/ free and bonded warehousing.

Export Logistics

At Beckchoice we take pride in providing the service our customers require.We can arrange shipment of your export cargo worldwide by Sea/ Air/ Road or Rail.

Whether you have tight delivery deadlines, special equipment requirements or need assistance with providing the necessary documentation we are here to help... Beckchoice can look after your exportations from the moment that they are ready for despatch through to the day they are delivered to your customers’ premises.

We can arrange the collection/ shipping/ customs clearance and delivery of your cargo and can provide many ancillary services such as packing/ palletisation/ marine insurance.

Air Freight Services

Beckchoice offers you worldwide aircargo services that are rapid and economical. Our dedicated professional team is at your disposal and will make sure you get an immediate effective response to your requirements. Thanks to our excellent relations with major airlines, even in peak season and in the face of challenging conditions you can count on a first class service as well as prompt and personal attention.

Sea Freight Services

Beckchoice provide a fast, reliable and friendly service to meet your requirements. Beckchoice's comprehensive services keep your costs under control by the use of a variety of steamship lines.

We offer efficient, cost- effective sea transport solutions including “door to door” services from / to most areas worldwide for both full load container movements (fcl) and less than a container load movements (lcl).



Road Freight Services

Beckchoice can provide you with express and economy driver-accompanied full load and groupage services to and from Europe at competitive rates.

Austria/ Belgium/ Bulgaria/ Cyprus/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Eire/ Finland / France/ Germany/ Greece/ Hungary / Italy / Luxemburg/ Netherlands/ Norway / Poland/ Portugal/ Slovakia/ Spain / Sweden / Switzerland/ Turkey

Whether you wish to despatch a small carton or send a full trailer load just request a quote or email us with your shipment details and we’ll do the rest!

Railfreight Services

Railfreight services are seen more and more as feasible alternatives to those of roadfreight, due to the growing environmental pressures on governments across the world. The increasing reliability of rail services means rail operators are improving frequency & networks. If you wish to explore the possibility of utilising railfreight services, especially for the movement of bulk products or high volume traffic, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Supply Chain Management

We have a network of agencies strategically placed across the world in order to meet your ever increasing demands. Acting as your lead logistics provider, we will proactively manage the supply chain to reduce cycle time and increase reliability; improve inventory management and reduce costs.

We can insure your cargo for "All risks" and can also offer warehousing, picking/packing, bar coding and delivery services. Outsource all or part of your existing global logistics operations to us. Beckchoice have the scope, depth and experience to evaluate your unique business requirements and meet your needs.


Worldwide areas we serve

Europe - Far East - Middle East - South East Asia - Indian Sub-Continent - USA and Canada - South America - Australia and New Zealand

We operate in conjunction with a team of well-established efficient and reliable overseas agents in order to provide you with the best possible service at all times.

Count on us...

Efficient, cost-effective transport solutions worldwide - that's what Beckchoice is all about. Our strength derives from our dedicated, highly motivated and experienced staff working as a team. All business is transacted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the British International Freight Association

Established since 1979

Beckchoice was created in 1979 and so has many years of experience in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. Our overseas networks have further reinforced our negotiating power to obtain more favourable business terms with airlines, shipping lines and haulage companies enabling us to pass them on to our customers.

Legendary customer support

Good customer service is the lifeblood of our business. We do not offer promotions and slash prices at the cost of good customer service. We make sure that you get the service you need from start to finish...

The Complete Solution

When we say we deliver the best possible service, at the best possible price, we mean it. As a truly global shipping and freight forwarding company we know what you are looking for - a relationship you can count on. It's one of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us, they know that;

  • We always come through even in the face of the most unexpected events.
  • Our multi modal services can meet their immediate and on going demands.
  • We make a firm commitment on our prices.

For an immediate response to all of your shipping and freight forwarding requirements call +44 (0) 1375 489840 or email us here.

Need to Arrange Currency?

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** Beckchoice use GC Partners for many of our currency dealings and have always found them reliable with great customer service and great rates

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