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Current News from Beckchoice


June 2017

In June Beckchoice colleagues Ray, Phil and Louise attended the AiO Conference in Amsterdam. Beckchoice were made to feel very welcome by the AiO representatives there who helped host a well organised and worthwhile conference. Beckchoice have gained some very useful contacts from the conference and are already seeing the benefit. Beckchoice hope to maintain a long and prosperous relationship with AiO and thank them for their efforts.

Beckchoice Director Ray Palmer, Business and Development Manager Phil Raven and Assistant Operations Manager Louise Terry even managed to have a little fun during their free time in Amsterdam for a lovely bike ride and some sightseeing.


May 2017

Beckchoice Ltd, offer a wide range of worldwide Import / Export services, by Sea (FCL / LCL), Air and Road – we also offer efficient nationwide deliveries at competitive prices. We are also able to offer crosstrade rates for all markets. This month Beckchoice’s target area will be Southeast Asia. If there is any business you have or are currently trying to obtain, either FCL, LCL or Air, please do not hesitate to contact us for competitive pricing.


April 2017

Please note the following important announcement regarding the importation of personal effects to the UK :

RE: Importation of Personal Effects to the UK


As of 1st of April 2017, all personal effect importers will need to obtain a Unique Declaration number (UDN) prior to sailing from the following HM Customs link, once obtained the UDN must be listed on the bill of lading at the time of sailing.


It is advised that when completing the application, this should be saved as a PDF form and emailed to nch@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk (the applicant should also include their email address for further communication to speed up the process).

Failure to complete this application will result in the consignee being responsible for paying full customs duties and taxes on their cargo, if the consignee is unwilling to complete this application, or is unwilling to pay duties / taxes, this will result in their cargo being seized and destroyed without notice.

The same application will need to be made for any persons transferring their private motor vehicle to the UK.



March 2017

This month we would like you to consider how Beckchoice can help you with imports from and exports to the Far East.

We have years of experience in this area and can help you with all the questions you may have, whether they be relative

to Customs procedures, documentation matters, rates or how to secure available space and chose the type of service that's

right for you. For imports, please call Lee Mullins or Phil Raven and for exports please call Lee Mullins or Lisa Whitehead to

see what we can offer you.We're here to help you make the whole process as pain-free as possible.


Red Nose Day at Beckchoice  24/03/2017

Please see the highlights below:-

Text Box: ‘Dress as the Boss Day’        Dear Valued Friends and Customers,       On Friday 24th March, staff from Beckchoice Ltd celebrated Red Nose Day 2017.     The organisation took part in a sponsored ‘Dress as the Boss Day’.    Employee Danielle Leach had volunteered to do a sponsored ‘Dress as the Boss for the Day’ and offered to dress as Beckchoice’s Director Ray Palmer for the day!    Also, for the entire day on Friday 24th March, the office donated and took part in several activities to raise lots of money for Red Nose Day.     This fun took place at the Beckchoice Ltd office in Tilbury, Essex.    The money raised will be used for a great cause, to help people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and across Africa.    Ray Palmer, Director of Beckchoice Ltd, says, “We always really look forward to Red Nose Day and hope to raise lots of money for this important cause.”    Beckchoice Ltd raised a total of £265 for the entire day and is very proud of the achievement.       Comic Relief/Red Nose Day 2017   About Red Nose Day 2017     Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24th March 2017 and it’s all about your power to make the world a better place, simply by having a great time. By raising cash this Red Nose Day, you’re helping to change lives. That’s because Comic Relief spends the money raised to help the people who really need it most, both here in the UK and across Africa. From workplace bake sales and fancy-dress fundraising in schools, to danceathons, quizzes and surreal sponsored challenges, put on a Red Nose and make your laugh matter by doing whatever you enjoy to raise life-changing cash. It all culminates in a massive night of comedy and entertainment, live on the BBC.    About Comic Relief    Comic Relief is a UK charity which aims to create a just world, free from poverty - where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £1 billion. That money has helped, and is helping, people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world.    For information about Comic Relief and the work it carries out, please visit www.comicrelief.com     Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)

February 2017


WPC Conference


From 15th – 18th February, Beckchoice Managing Director Ray Palmer and Sales & Development Manager Lee Mullins travelled to the WPA Network Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.


Here, Beckchoice Ltd was awarded the "Most Valuable Member in Europe" award for their hard work and assistance to other WPA members. Beckchoice strives for excellence and always aims to provide the best possible service for the best possible price for all customers and partners..


Please see some images from the conference below:



October 2016

October saw our Managing Director Ray Palmer attend the annual C5C conference in Munich.

As always this was an invaluable trip and we have already made progress in arranging bookings and securing some great rates. We are looking forward to furthering these relationships over the next few months as well as liaising with other contacts made during the trip.


Trade Lane of the Month – USA & Canada

We are currently promoting our USA trade lanes. We ship regularly both to and from the US/Canada via sea and airfreight. Our network of agents in the US and Canada is unrivalled and we are confident that we will be able to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

Please contact the following for further details; alanday@beckchoice.co.uk , leemullins@beckchoice.co.uk , philraven@beckchoice.co.uk for any import enquiries and lornalarocque@beckchoice.co.uk and annclark@beckchoice.co.uk for any export quotations. By all means, don’t hesitate to call us if you want to discuss your enquiry(ies) in more detail.

Despite the recent fallout with Hanjin we (and in turn our clients) have fortunately been relatively unaffected. There were a few delays in the wake of their demise which many at Felixstowe faced but we worked very hard to minimise the effect on our customers’ cargoes..

Beckchoice are fully versed in all the new VGM/Solas procedures and have experienced a smooth transition to the new regulations. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions relating to these matters.


Our valued member of staff Alison Clarke celebrated her 10th year at Beckchoice, we all joined in congratulating her on this achievement during her presentation with Ray earlier this month. The tradition is that a globe is presented but as Alison is a keen traveller she was presented with a lovely Pandora bracelet and globe charm so she could keep them on her person! Well done Alison J


As we go to press some of our staff have got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up for charity! Thanks guys, we are sure this year’s chosen charity will welcome our donation!


September 2016

Our Managing Director Ray Palmer successfully completed the Great North Run last weekend!

Despite the hot weather he and his wife managed to complete the run in rather impressive times, Ray in 2 hrs 36 mins 52 secs and Chere in 2 hrs 20 mins and 11secs!

They raised an amazing £640 for the NSPCC, an incredibly worthy cause.

Well done Ray and Chere!





General Rate Increase (GRI)


May 2016



In accordance with the updated SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea Convention) Container Weight Verification Requirement, new legal obligations will be introduced on 1 st July 2016. These regulations dictate that shippers will be required to provide documentary verification of the gross weight of their shipment(s).

Further information can be found at the following links;



Beckchoice are fully conversant with these regulations and will be on hand to offer professional advice and assistance if required.

Please contact this office for further information.

April 2016

As a result of much negotiations we have been able to secure a very competitive courier tariff ex the UK to all destinations, if you would like more information on this service or to request a quotation please contact alanday@beckchoice.co.uk and keeleylyons@beckchoice.co.uk who will be able to assist in your requirements.

March 2016

March sees the departure of our Accounts Manager Paula Roast to whom we wish great success for her future. As a result of her exit we welcome our new Accounts Manager Beverley Clark into the Beckchoice family, all the best Beverley!

Our Development Manager Lee Mullins visited Bangkok for the annual WPA conference where existing contacts were strengthened as well as the establishment of new relationships made.

These relationships, both existing and new, are invaluable in the growth of the markets we can offer to our customers. We look forward to exploring new markets especially in South America, Turkey, the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia.


November 2015


Well, it's the beginning of the run up to Christmas this month and we will be

working hard to get shipments to their final destinations in good time. Please

don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any urgent consignments

to be expedited.Don't forget we are a multimodal agent and so whether you need a service by air,sea,road or rail, we can look after it.

This month I attended the 2015 C5C conference in Barcelona and had a great time meeting old friends as well as new members. Beckchoice always make every effort to support the network and I am pleased to say that our contributions for 2015 have elevated us into 4th place in an organisation that comprises 296 members.Not bad, eh?


August 2015


Yes, it's August already and the holiday season is here but it's certainly not quiet in

the Beckchoice office in Tilbury, where we are beavering away in our constant quest

to improve our systems, procedures and efficiency.

Beckchoice are pleased to announce that we are now members of the 3F network.

Please see their website at www.freightforwardersfamily.com for further information

3F is a great organisation and we are proud to be members of it. It will enable us to develop further and give us even greater coverage worldwide.

Beckchoice are now members of three worldwide networks and so we are truly global and can handle your cargo no matter where it comes from or where it goes to!


June 2015


This month saw the arrival of Ann Clark, an experienced export operator, who slotted into our export department straight away and has proved a great addition to our team.Ann, I am sure will be a great success.

Great news. Beckchoice were top contributor of shipments in the C5C network this month. This is the first time we have achieved this honour but it does follow 3 consecutive months in the number 3 spot.Well done guys !

This year has seen a good deal of rate volatility , especially in the inbound Far East trade lanes, but , rest assured, we are constantly monitoring the situation and doing our utmost to ensure that our customers enjoy the most competitive prices at all time. We wish you all a long hot Summer !


April 2015

Beckchoice are quite often thought of as being very strong in handling imports due to the expertise and efficiency of our in house Customs department; our historical roots, when we started life as a customs clearance agency and our inbound services from all over the Far East.

However, we have made great strides in the export sector over the last 4-5 years and can now offer a similarly superb export service to worldwide destinations. Please get in touch to request a quote at quotes@beckchoice.co.uk


February 2015


Well, we are off to a great start to the year, with further increased volumes and

changes to our IT procedures that are making our systems even more efficient.

This month, I would like to make you aware of our expertise in assisting with

Customs Tariff classifications.If you have an HMRC investigation due soon; are just launching a new product or just want to ensure you are paying the correct amount of duty, please don't hesitate to contact our Customs Dept Manager, Gavin Richards

at gavinrichards@beckchoice.co.uk

December 2014


2014 saw Beckchoice make great strides in many areas. We increased our turnover by a significant amount; expanded our Sales & Development department;took on an archive storage facility( thus freeing up valuable office space), invested in further

improving office decor and we are also now able to accept debit and credit cards as a method of payment ( Very useful for our customers, especially for private individuals).We look forward to 2015 with confidence and enthusiasm and would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and suppliers a HAPPY NEW YEAR !


October 2014


This month sees Beckchoice attending the C5C annual conference at

Lake Tegernsee, Germany. C5C is a great network and gives us worldwide agency coverage, enabling us to provide you with a fantastic service for any

inbound or outbound shipments you may have, whether they be by sea, air, road or rail.

This month we are focusing on Myanmar and Pakistan. Beckchoice, together with our agents in these countries can look after imports from and exports to Yangon, Karachi and Lahore. We are specialists in the exportation of used clothing,scrap metals and plastics and other recyclables, being able to provide competitive rates and a first class service. We also handle the importation of seafood products from Myanmar(formerly Burma). For more information, pllease don't hesitate to contact us.

September 2014


As Autumn approaches many importers are bringing in shipments of toys, giftware and garments in expectation of sales at the end of the year. Beckchoice are experts in determining tariff headings, duty rates and also arranging econmical importation of these items from the Far East and Indian Sub-continent.Please call us for competitive freight and handling rates and also let us help you to ensure you are not paying too much in import duty or VAT or risk penalty fines by assisting you to declare your goods correctly to Customs. This month also sees Beckchoice providing you with a new method of paying any invoices that are due.In addition to cash, cheques and transfers, we now have the facility to accept credit and debit card payments. Please call for more details.

August 2014

Beckchoice are skilled at handling shipments of Personal Effects and Motor Vehicles both in and out of the UK. If you are moving home, relocating abroad permanently or temporarily or importing or exporting a car then please get in touch.Our Customs department will know exactly which customs procedures are involved and be able to guide you through the documentary requirements and explain any duty or tax considerations that you should be aware of.

July 2014

We at Beckchoice are constantly looking at ways to develop and build our company and our service portfolio. If you have enjoyed the service that we have provided to you, why not recommend us to other contacts you may have in your particular sector of the  marketplace, who you feel would benefit from using us. We are always pleased to be of service.


June 2014

We are halfway through the year already and I hope you are all enjoying the Summer season.Holidays are at the forefront of the minds of many of us as we look forward to jetting off to sunnier climes.Talking of jets, don't forget that Beckchoice are a dab hand at dealing with airfreight as well as seafreight and can look after your goods, whether you are bringing them into the UK or sending them out.Let us take the worries of airfreighting urgent cargo off your mind and then you can concentrate on the other use for aircraft- getting you to the beach of your choice!


May 2014

As Summer begins and the sunshine becomes a little more frequent and you venture out into the garden , don't forget Beckchoice is a specialist in handling Garden Furniture including accessories of all sorts. We have FCL and LCL services from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia to name but a few.Don't delay, Book today !


April 2014

This month we would like to emphasise our expertise and efficiency in arranging export shipments by all modes of transport to worldwide destinations. We have good strength in the India and Pakistan and the Middle East markets as well as North and South America and the Far East. Why not give us a try ?

This month our export department is further strengthened by the arrival of Lynne Bettis and Keeley Lyons joins us in Customer Service

March 2014

This month, Lee and Lauren were off to sunnier climes to represent Beckchoice

at the annual WPA conference in Bangkok. A lot of travel time and hard work

has yielded new-found friends and partners and further enforced our ability to deal with shipments to and from faraway places across the globe.

In addition we are happy to announce that Karen Pearson has now joined our busy export department and Danielle Leach our Accounts & Administration department- two more welcome additions to Beckchoice.

February 2014

This month we focus on the fact that the cracking new facility at London Gateway

offers better options for a lot of companies trading in the South East of England and, of course, Beckchoice are well-placed , being only 11 miles away from this new Hub Port facility, to handle shipments arriving there as regards Customs clearance and onward distribution. Once again, please call or email us if this is something that you wish to take advantage of.

This month we also welcome Anna Moss ( Exports) and Ricky Fowler ( Sales & Development) into the Beckchoice fold to cope with our ever-growing business.

January 2014

Beckchoice begin the new year with a determination to keep pushing ahead in 2014

and we welcome the addition of Clare Hughes to bolster up our strong import ops department.

Beckchoice offer Import Customs Clearance services at all major UK ports and airports. We have an excellent Customs team here and can offer assistance in reclaiming any overpaid duty from HMRC to new as well as existing Beckchoice customers. We have access to all the literature and publications required and we can also assist you in the event that HMRC are due to audit your company. Please call us on 01375-489840 if this is a service you require or email Gavin Richards (See our Profile>Personnel page).

December 2013

There were 2 very important events this month. Firstly the Beckchoice Christmas Party which took us to Orsett Hall - A great occasion, where we all let our hair down

and took to the dance floor. The second was Ian's funeral, which saw well over 100 people come to pay their last respects.Although a sad event, it was heart-warming

to see how well thought of Ian was.

Here are two other announcements for you:- Alan Day took December's E o t M award.This was the second time Alan has achieved this recognition of his continual hard work.

Congratulations also to Louise Terry, the winner of the Beckchoice Employee of the Year 2013- A great achievement Louise !


November 2013

This has been a tragic month for us . On the 24th, Ian Palmer, our General Manager

died suddenly and has left behind an office in mourning. Ian worked tirelessly for

Beckchoice for 22 years and will be sorely missed. He was a tower of strength in the

many challenging times that we have faced and was always available to help

staff and customers alike, whenever the need arose.

This same month saw the arrival of Jo Swaisland. Jo is Ian's and my sister so, of course, the timing has been very difficult but Joanne is determined to succeed despite this early setback.

On a lighter note I am glad to report that Damian Harley took November's E o t M award- Well done Damian.


October 2013


BREAKING NEWS :-Beckchoice are now proud new members of WPA ( Worldwide Partners Alliance) WPA is an ISO 9001 certified, independent and professionally managed global network of leading transportation and logistics providers that specialise in both Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding and Niche/Specialised market services. WPA membership adds a whole new dimension to our worldwide coverage and further strengthens our capabilities when taken together with our membership of C5C that we joined in March 2012) WPA and C5C are two great networks and we are fully committed to both of them as we grow and develop.

Speaking of C5C, Chere and I attended the 6th C5C annual conference in Dubai this month and enjoyed a fantastic conference hosted in a fantastic city! Thanks go to Viktor Fuchs and Helmut Gross for their great organisation. We met many old friends made at the previous year's conference as well as a lot of new partners.

The voting for this month's E o t M award took place after Ian's death in November so there was no doubt in anyone's mind. The trophy had to go to Ian. A greatly deserved honour. Rest in peace Ian.On a lighter note 2 more newbies- Darren Casson and Lauren Smith join us this month and I'm confident they will do us proud !


This month sees another new recruit- Abi Belcher starts work for Beckchoice, joining our burgeoning Import Operations department and has already made a great impact- Well done Abi !

No sooner does someone win the E o t M twice when Tracy took the award last month, than it happens again. Phil Raven- second time winner. Phil was the inaugural winner of the award in June 2012- Great stuff Phil!


August 2013

Well, the long hot Summer continues and the heat is certainly rising in

our offices as our volumes continue to increase and we make great strides in

building our market share.

2 pieces of staff news. Regrettably this month sees Deborah Baillieul leave us to

pursue a completely different career as a primary school teacher. Good luck Deb !

However, Beckchoice are lucky enough to see Emma Beach join us to further strengthen our export department. Welcome Emma.

The Beckchoice E o t M this month is Tracy Hayes. This is the second time Tracy has won the award. Fantastic ! - Well done Tracy!!


July 2013

Congratulations to Tracy Hayes , who has been promoted to Assistant Import Logistics Manager and Alison Clarke, now promoted to Import LCL Consol

Co-ordinator. well done Guys !

We also extend a heartfelt welcome to Duncan Lofthouse, our newly

appointed Route Development Manager. Duncan brings to Beckchoice a wealth of experience and expertise and is already a key member of our team.


Finally, congratulations to Louise for securing the July " Employee of the Month " award. Louise has been beavering away for a long time now so it's about time she

reaped the rewards of her hard work.

June 2013

The focus for June has been on Turkey, where Beckchoice have made great strides in

developing our presence in this thriving marketplace and seen a big

increase in the volumes of containers that we are handling.

If you have shipments to or from this area, then please don't hesitate to get in touch

and learn what we can dio for you. You won't be disappointed!

Last but not least:- Lauren Pritchard picked up the June " Employee of the Month " award. Well done Lauren ! Truly well- deserved.


May 2013

May has been an exciting and successful month for us. We are now handling

more varied cargoes than ever. This month has seen good growth in the amount of scrap plastics that we are dealing with as well as in the garden furniture sector.

This month's award for Beckchoice Employee of the Month goes to Michelle Telfer.

Great work Michelle !


April 2013

At long last Alan Day has collected the Employee of the Month award.

Alan's management skills have enabled Beckchoice to continue growing

our import presence in the marketplace over recent months, while many

other competitors are losing ground.


Pakistan is the main focus for our sales activity this month. We have

regular services to and from Pakistan and our agents there can successfullly

handle every type of cargo movement.

Give us a call and see how good our service levels are .


March 2013

It's Springtime now, despite what the wintry weather would have you

believe and Beckchoice are all set to leap into the new season.Our first

move has been to take on Damian Harley.He is a keen and capable

customs clearance specialist joining us to add to our existing manpower

so that we can cope with the ever- increasing number of customs entries

we are handling. Welcome Damian !!

Employee of the Month in March is Faye Palmer. Faye joined us just over

a year ago and is a strong and reliable member of our accounts team.

Congratulations Faye !


February 2013

This month has seen 2 new starters and we extend a warm welcome

to Kate Tunstall and Michelle Telfer. Kate and Michelle are valuable

additions to our team and I count myself lucky to have taken on two

more great freight professionals.

A big " Well Done ! " to Paul Edgar, who took February's Employee of the

Month award .Paul's hard work and determination have been vital as

Beckchoice have expanded and our IT demands have become greater and greater.


January 2013

The first announcement to make this year is that Simon Mullins is the proud

winner of the first Beckchoice Employee of the Year award for 2012 and now

has a very attractive trophy to adorn his cabinet at home. A great achievement Simon in the award's inaugural year !!!

In addition Paula Roast picked up the monthly award and puts herself in pole position for 2013.The race is on.

January saw a great start to the year as far as shipment volumes, despite the continuing difficult trading conditions. It really is down to hard work and good customer service. Long may it continue.


December 2012

Well, December was an extremely busy month but also an

enjoyable one with the Beckchoice Christmas party on Friday 7th

and the London Freight Club Christmas lunch on the 12th.They

were both really good fun ! Aside from the usual manic pre-Christmas rush to get shipments collected and delivered before the holiday began,quite a few of us were able to get out and see customers and say thanks for the loyal support, which we are so grateful for.That is always a great experience.

I am also very happy to announce that Gavin Richards took the

Employee of the Month award for December- Well Done Gavin !

November 2012

I am pleased to say that when Beckchoice attended the Global Freight Awards ceremony on 21st November, we certainly didn't disgrace ourselves. We were highly commended in the " Freight Forwarder of the Year " category and Alan, Lee and I were there

to enjoy the applause. It was a good night and we shall return next year I am sure !

Speaking of awards, Lee Mullins was the deserving winner of the Beckchoice Employee of the Month . Well done Lee ! That's 2 awards

for the Mullins family in 2 months.


October 2012

Hooray !! Our new offices are complete- photos

will follow They really add something special to our office


Simon Mullins was a very popular winner of the Employee of the Month award for October and his name is a welcome addition to the Beckchoice shield.


September 2012

Hot off the press - Beckchoice make the last 8 in the

Lloyds Loading List 2012 Global Awards, bidding to

become Freight Forwarder of the Year.

The other competitors left are :-

Bellville Rodair International
Chaucer Logistics Group
DST Lines
SBS Worldwide
Raaziq International
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
ICAT Logistics

In other words- No competition really - just joking !

Let's hope the judges make the right decision in view of

all our hard work and effort !


Alison Clarke picked up the September award for Employee of the Month. Alison has continued to impress on import operations

coping with the challenges of still more shipments and consol containers.Well done Alison !!

August 2012

Beckchoice join the social networking community- yes ,we

now have our own Facebook and LinkedIn pages ! Please find

us and " like " us on Facebook and log into  LinkedIn to follow

us there as well.


Lisa Whitehead carries off the award for August. Lisa has done a great job on our ever- growing export department.

July 2012


July saw the departure of Wayne Amber, taking his skills to

a trading company, who remain a customer of ours.Wayne did

a great job for Beckchoice in the 2 years he was with us and

happily we will retain contact with him. Good luck Wayne !

Tracy Hayes picked up the July EOTM award and a well-deserved

winner she is too.

Beckchoice have entered the Lloyds Loading List Global Awards

this year for the first time. Fingers crossed all our hard work and

effort will be rewarded.



June 2012

Well, June was a special month this year for Beckchoice

as it saw hard fought competition for the first

Beckchoice Employee of the Month award.

The first winner of this prestigious prize was Phil Raven.

His is the first name to be engraved on the Beckchoice
Employee of the Month Shield.

May 2012

May saw the third CGL conference in Dubai and Chere

and I represented Beckchoice in the sweltering heat of

the Arabian Desert. We had a great time meeting

friends ( both old and new ) and, as well as participating

in the conference,were lucky enough to enjoy a Desert Safari

and a Cruise Dinner along Dubai Creek.

May was also the first month at Beckchoice for Karen

Lumsden, our latest addition to our export team.

Karen joins to handle export operations.Welcome Karen.

May also saw the departure of Lisa Reece, who has left to pursue

her career in a family business. Good Luck Lisa !


April 2012

April has seen two more promotions in our line-up.

I am proud to advise that Lee Mullins is now our

Import Sales & Development Manager  and Lauren

Tilley is our Export Sales & Development Manager.

Congratulations to them both and I am certain that

they will undoubtedly excel at their new roles.


On a sadder note for us Jolanta Kasakaitis has decided to

move on in order to further her accouting career outside the

logistics sector so I have decided to upload a photo of our

accounts department just before she left and to take this

opportunity of wishing her every success in her new position.



From left to right- Lisa Robinson, Paul Edgar, Jolanta Kasakaitis,

Paula Roast and Faye Palmer


March 2012


Great News ! Beckchoice are now members of C5C !!

C5C stands for Connecting 5 Continents and is a consortium

that is currently represented by 183 members in 73 countries.

This will open new doors to Beckchoice and strengthen our

overseas partnerships and coverage considerably. We were accepted into C5C on 27th March and already we are reaping the rewards as well as making a strong contribution to the group.

Our second newsflash for March is the announcement of our new advertising campaign in Lloyds Loading List. We are now reaching out to an even wider audience and making people aware of the many export services we provide. Please check it out. Either see our quarter page advert on the inside back cover or find our lineage ads in many destination listings either in the paper publication or on the LLL website.

The third announcement that I am really pleased to make

is the promotion of Alan Day to Import Logistics Manager.

Alan has beavered away tirelessly since joining Beckchoice in March 2010 as a sales & development executive and has achieved great results. I am certain that Alan will really

prove outstanding in his new role and wish him every success.Well done Alan !


February 2012


Well, we don't stay still for long ! This month there are two new starters, who I am sure will impress :-

Tracy Hayes

Tracy is an experienced logistics operator and will really

strengthen our import logistics team.Welcome Tracy !

Faye Palmer

Faye is a welcome addition to our Accounts & Administration department and will work with Paul, Paula and Jolanta

to look after our ever-increasing customer and supplier numbers. Welcome Faye !


January 2012


Yes, it's here.Let's hope it's a great one for all Beckchoice staff,customers and partners across the world.

January was a record month for Beckchoice in terms of shipments referenced and this really demonstrates how far we have come in the past few years. I am sure the record will not last long as we are putting in fantastic effort in all areas in extremely challenging economic times globally.


On a different note, we say farewell and good luck to Barry Drew , who is off to pastures new. Barry , I am sure, will

continue to put in every effort for his new employers.


December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers and suppliers. We thank you all for your support in 2011 and look forward positively to 2012.

In the past month there have been three new additions to the Beckchoice team:-

Louise Terry joins us as a logistics executive working on our Import Forwarding section, bringing with her a positive, go-ahead approach and good experience to this very busy part of the company.

Paula Roast is a welcome addition to the Accounts & Administration section and is enabling us to successfully increase the efficiency and coverage of this department.

Most recently David Woollaston joins our burgeoning Export

department to add even more experience and expertise to our already excellent team here.

I am also pleased to report that the Beckchoice Christmas party at the Park Inn at Thurrock was a great success with several of the Beckchoice team exhibiting their skills not only on the dance floor but also in the bar !


November 2011

We at Beckchoice are currently in the process of expanding

our export consolidation and FCL services to the Far East, Middle East and Africa and, to that end, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of Lauren Tilley (nee Pritchard).

Welcome aboard Lauren.

Lauren is joining us in a sales and development role and is working with Lisa Reece and Lisa Whitehead to   "beef up " our presence in the export marketplace.

October 2011

This month sees Lisa Robinson begin her maternity leave.

Lisa, we will all miss you while you deal with the demands of your new family member but send you congratulations on the birth of baby Adam.

This month also sees the installation of our own new integral kitchen. It looks great ! This new facility will make the working day easier and more enjoyable for Beckchoice staff.


September 2011


This month we have taken on the licence for an additional

1647 square feet of office space at the Riverside Business Centre, giving us 3132 square feet in total.This is to enable us to continue our growth and provide an even better working environment for all our staff. Our new purpose-built

kitchen plans are being drawn up to further enhance our facilities and completion will be next month.


Shirley Beevers joins us in an administration and accounts capacity and will help us cope with the ever-incxreasing volumes we are seeing and the consequent rise in accounting

documentation processing. I am sure Shirley will rise

to the challenge.


June 2011

This month sees the arrival of Phil Raven,

another welcome addition to our great team

here in Tilbury.

Phil brings with him a wealth of Customs

experience as well as forwarding knowledge and

has a great future ahead of him with us.

Welcome onboard Phil !


May 2011

May sees the acceptance of Beckchoice into

the Combined Global Lines consortium. This will

open many more doors for us and enable us to

look after imports and exports for some new areas

of the world. It is an important move for us

and is another positive development in 2011


April 2011

This month sees a further fall in oceanfreight

rates on the Far East trade lanes, with its inevitably

damaging effect on profit margins but Beckchoice is

continuing to grow volumes both lcl/lcl and fcl/fcl

with a big sales push and the results of our

continuing hard work are evident in our increased


Bechcoice now has many inbound consolidation

services from the Far East utilising both Felixstowe

and Southampton for devanning.

Contact us now ,whether you are an importer or a

forwarding agent. We have a competitive deal ready

for you in either case.

March 2011


Beckchoice increases US representation


This month has seen a new venture for us with

the appointment of an agency in Chicago. We are happy to announce that we are now the proud UK partners of Gulfstream Global Logistics Inc, Des Plaines, Illinois.

This complements our existing network , which includes

Intermodal Exports in New York and U S Worldwide

Logistics Inc in Kentucky.


February 2011


A warm welcome to Simon Mullins . Simon has great experience in many areas including chartering and customs clearance and is also due to take over responsibility

for handling our services from the Indian sub-continent.

January 2011


What a wonderful start to 2011 !

More great news from the Far East. Panda Global and

Beckchoice launch a new import consolidation service from Taiwan to Felixstowe.


Beckchoice are also very happy to announce that

our team is further strengthened by the arrival of

Lisa Reece. Lisa brings to us expertise and experience in the Crosstrade arena and also new links in the African market as well as responsibilities for some of our import consol services.


November 2010

Beckchoice joins forces with Awards Shipping

in Hong Kong. New consolidation service launched into Southampton. This venture also opens doors to transhipment services from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam amongst other areas.Please contact us for more details.



October 2010

A great month for Beckchoice.

We now have two great new partners in the Indian Sub-Continent.

We have now teamed up with :-



Offices at Mumbai, New Delhi,

Associate offices at Chennai, Kolkatta, Ahmadabad,

Kanpur, Tuticorin and Jaipur

Kanpur, Tuticorin , Jaipur

Alltrans are a go ahead company handling all aspects of shipping and forwarding and can look after airfreight and seafreight into and out of India as well as operating consolidation containers to the UK and other destinations worldwide.

Our first consolidated container is arriving at port 3/11/2010

and with:-



ICM operate consolidation services worldwide as well as providing many other services in the logistics and freight forwarding sector.

ICM will provide an important presence for Beckchoice in Pakistan and we look forward to receiving the first consolidation containers within the next weeks.


Good things can also come in threes !!


Lisa Robinson joins our Administration & Accounts section and brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of Accounting and administration.

Lisa has joined to us to help look after the ever growing volumes we are experiencing. Lisa will be an essential member of our team. Welcome Lisa !


September 2010

Lisa Whitehead joins our export team. Lisa has a good deal of experience in both lcl and fcl shipping operations and sales and development. Lisa will be a grea asset to our growing export department. Welcome on board Lisa !


August 2010


A Big Welcome to Lee

This month we welcome Lee Mullins as our latest Logistics Executive. Lee is skilled in many areas and provides us

with years of experience and expertise. As Autumn approaches we are now extremely well-placed to, not only extend our usual excellent service to our existing customers, but also continue our sales and marketing push.


June 2010

Beckchoice's growth continues

Our volumes are increasing fast and so this month sees another new team member for Beckchoice. Barry Drew joins us after several years at ACC and comes on board as a forwarding clerk. Barry will be a great assistance to us in managing our increasing volumes.


March 2010


Beckchoice Spring Forward

March heralds the arrival of Wayne Amber, the latest addition to our team. Wayne has developed his skills at Vanguard Logistics and then John Good Shipping and is a valuable asset. Wayne is an experienced customs entry and forwarding clerk and is also highly motivated and we have no doubts that Wayne will play an important role in expanding our customer base.


February 2010

Beckchoice team grows

We have enjoyed a cracking start to 2010 despite

the current challenging space and freight issues

that beset the logistics sector and have, therefore,

decided to increase our staffing levels so we can build on this success.

Beckchoice welcome Paul Medhurst to our operational team.

Paul has years of extensive experience at AEI Danzas, Votainer and Staley Radford and is a valuable addition to our Tilbury office.

This week also sees the arrival of our two excellent new Sales & Development executives,Alan Day and Alex Maxwell-Scott. I have every confidence that Alan and Alex will help us continue to grow and further expand our services and customer base.


This month also sees the promotion of Gavin Shutz to

Import Entry Team Leader. Gavin has been an important cog in the Beckchoice wheel since 2004 and fully deserves this upward move. Well done Gavin!

March will see more good news on the personnel front with another valuable new addition- Watch This Space!




October 2009

Pakistan- FMC & Marine Logistic Services

We are pleased to announce a new venture in Pakistan as form 1st November 2009 in conjunction with FMC Logistics, who have offices in Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot and Faisalabad.

This will improve and increase our coverage in Pakistan building on the foundations set down through our partnership

with Marine Logistic Services in Lahore.We can handle imports and expoorts via air or sea. Please give us a call.

Please feel free to check the website for FMC at www.fmclogistics.com and for Marine Logistic Services at


Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ian Palmer

or David Glover at Tilbury, who will be only too pleased to assist.


July 2009

Dear Customer


We are publishing this information to keep you informed and up to date with the general situation as regards freight rates from the Far East in view of the fact that many carriers and shipping lines are introducing new surcharges and attempting to increase revenues for sailings from July forwards.


There has been a great deal of confusion over exactly what increases the carriers will be able to make stick. July has seen a rise in the base ocean freights generally in the region of USD  100-200 per teu, although some carriers have increased their tariffs by as much as USD 350 per teu.


You will all, I am sure , have now grown used to the Suez Canal and Gulf of Aden surcharges that are in force. However, in addition ,shipping lines have introduced an emergency bunker surcharge  of around USD 50-80 per teu at the start of July, rising to US 161 per teu from the middle of this month.

Announcements have also recently been made of a Peak Season Surcharge of USD 200 per teu applicable to sailings from 1 st August.


Rest assured we shall try and minimise any increases in freight rates to our customers and , of course, should you have any queries on any aspect of pricing , please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


The last year has been challenging for all of us in many respects but Beckchoice continue to put our utmost efforts into providing you with the best of service in all respects.


March 2009

LOFA- Beckchoice appointed as approved freight forwarders

We are proud to announce that Beckchoice are now approved freight forwarders for LOFA,the Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association.

If you are a LOFA member, please don't hesitate to contact us to find out the benefits and discounted fees you can enjoy.

March 2009

Beckchoice join forces with Cherry Logistics in Shanghai !

We are pleased to announce that we are now operating

a weekly consolidation service from Shanghai to both Felixstowe and Southampton in conjunction with Cherry Logistics Co., Ltd.

This further strengthens Beckchoice's importance in the

China/ UK trade lanes and enables us to provide even better coverage.

Cherry Logistics was established as a joint venture on 1st June 2006. Cherry's headquarters is based in Shanghai with in excess of 140 staff. Cherry also have eight branches located in Dalian, Xingang, Qingdao, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Cherry handle both airfreight and seafreight worldwide and provide an excellent all round service. Their slogan is

"Experience Matters" and we heartily endorse this sentiment.

Together Cherry and Beckchoice make a great team sharing mutual goals of excellent customer service and

providing efficient competitively priced logistics.

Should you wish to make a booking or have any enquiries please contact us in Tilbury - see our contact page for full details.






23rd September 2008


Jack Palmer


It is with sincere regret that we announce that Jack Palmer passed away on Monday 15th September at the age of 86 as a result of an infection, having fought bravely against the effects of Lewy Bodies syndrome for many months.

Jack worked in the Freight Forwarding Sector from the age of 14 through to his retirement save for his time spent fighting for his country in the Royal Navy in World War II.

Jack joined British Commercial Transport Co Ltd in 1935 and rose from his initial role as a filing clerk through the ranks to become Joint Managing Director of BCT in the late 1970s.

This was followed by a long successful spell as a Director of Beckchoice Ltd until 1990 and Jack was still acting for Beckchoice in a consultancy role as recently as 2007.

Many people involved in International Freight Forwarding have benefited from Jack's extensive knowledge and experience and will no doubt fondly remember the time and trouble he took in passing his skills onto them.

Jack was a kind and generous man, who, in addition to putting every effort into his work over and above the call of  duty, was also devoted to his wife and family. He was a gentleman in every way.

Jack leaves behind Joyce, his beloved wife for 56 years and three children, Ray, Joanne and Ian and will be sorely missed.





























13th August 2008



Beckchoice have now been appointed UK agents for the

Cosfresz and Wellton Express networks in China.

WELLTON EXPRESS are multi national which gives Beckchoice more flexibility to arrange cargo at very keen rates with WELLTON EXPRESS offices located in SHANGHAI, NINGBO, HONGKONG, LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK, MONTREAL, TORONTO and VANCOUVER.


COSFRESZ  are linked to the Chinese state owned ship line carrier and again provides Beckchoice with preferential rates/on board vessel space availability. Also, we have very low internal China collection costs due to extensive network of offices located in SHENZHEN, XIAMEN, YANTIAN, GUANGZHOU AND SHEKOU.

Beckchoice operate regular consolidations from Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xiamen. Please call us to discuss further.

1st April 2008

Beckchoice have joined forces with Qingdao Pengxing International to provide lcl/lcl and fcl/fcl services to and from China and UK.Beckchoice's strength in the Far East is going from strength to strength.

28th February 2008


Beckchoice's Track and Trace System goes live !!

We now have a fully operational Track & Trace facility that allows you to check on your consignments via our website.

To use this service please call us on 01375 489840 so that we can set you up with a User ID and password.


10th January 2008


Yes, we are relocating to larger premises over the coming weekend and, as from Monday 14th January 2008, our new details will be as follows:-

Beckchoice Limited.

Studio 5, Riverside Business Centre,

Fort Road,



RM18 7ND

Tel: +44  (0) 1375 489840

Fax: +44  (0) 1375 489841

E-mail: info@beckchoice.co.uk

Web: www.beckchoice.co.uk

All staff e-mail addresses remain unchanged.


Industry News

15th November 2007

U.K. Port Congestion Charge – Westbound

The Far Eastern Freight Conference has decided to implement

a U.K. Port Congestion Charge of U S Dollars 145.00 per teu which will be applicable to all westbound cargo that is loaded, or has a Bill of Lading date on or after 1st December 2007.

The reason for this charge, according to the FEFC website is as follows :-

"The growth in cargo carried by the FEFC into the U.K. for the first eight months of 2007 has increased by almost 15% over the same period in 2006, and has averaged 485 TEUs per day for the year to date.

Together with substantial growth seen in other trades, this level of increase has created congestion not only at the major U.K. terminals, but has also caused congestion of the inland transport and delivery systems. On occasions, Lines have found it necessary to by-pass U.K. ports and feed cargo to the United Kingdom, and in some cases divert their vessels to non-scheduled ports and equalise the costs from these ports. This has created even more congestion for an infrastructure that is already overloaded. The infrastructure congestion has also made it very difficult to repatriate much needed empty containers to Asia.

In meeting these, and other operational problems, FEFC members have incurred substantial extra costs in supplying their liner services to customers.

The study undertaken by the Lines has identified major cost increases in vessel operations, transhipment of cargo and port equalisation. The aggregated increased costs identified by the study amount to an extra cost of USD 145.00/TEU.

The costs will be reviewed after 60 days and adjusted as necessary "

E & O.E.

Beckchoice Ltd. will pass this charge on at cost in all cases and will continue to monitor the situation on behalf of our customers and advise accordingly.


April 2007

Our new web site is here! Launched at the end of March this year we have completely re-branded and launched our new site to coincide with a new look and feel to the Beckchoice Brand. We've used top design agency 7media to create all this for us and we hope you like it

We hope that you all find the site full of relevant information and easy to use - let us know here

Hot on the heels of our new site is our new brochure detailing all of our services - watch this space for more detail on our new brochure launch