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customs clearance

We have a long-established relationship with H.M. Revenue & Customs and continue to invest in the latest Information Technology and have DTI links with all the major UK Ports / Airports. We can also help to investigate the current quotas, ensuring that you benefit from any available duty allowances. Our speedy and reliable Customs Clearance service helps prevent unnecessary rent/demurrage costs.

Our clearance department has an excellent reputation within the industry and is widely used by other freight forwarders.

Import Customs Clearance

In addition to arranging shipping world-wide, Beckchoice can also act as your nominated Customs Clearance Agents even if your shipments arrive in the UK via the services of other carriers or agents.

In this way, you can leave us to attend to this complex part of the shipping process on your behalf, ensuring that cargo is properly entered to H M Revenue & Customs so that you pay the correct duties and taxes.

We use direct DTI links at all major UK Ports / Airports , and we are happy to offer advice on all aspects of the Customs clearance process, whether it is a question of documentary requirements/duty rates/ tariff codes or any other aspect of the procedure.

Beckchoice can even handle DTI Licence applications on your behalf and can, of course, handle the delivery to your premises once your cargo is cleared and released.

Export Customs Clearance

Beckchoice can provide the same service for any exportations that you have. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your cargo is properly declared to Customs in order to avoid costly delays in shipment.

We are able to input the required Customs entries on your behalf using our DTI links at UK ports and can provide help in determining how to declare your goods to Customs so that you comply with H M Revenue & Customs regulations.


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